In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction. The Magic Catalyst is a works-in-progress session for magicians, dedicated to kick-starting creativity and the development of new material. Do you have a routine that is untested, unfinished, or in need of assistance? Have you reached a roadblock in the development of a new magic piece? Does the method need tweaking? Is the presentation over-complicated or confusing? Does the routine lack a strong beginning or ending? This workshop is an opportunity to get helpful suggestions and fresh perspectives and get unstuck, clearing away obstacles in the creative process. Collectively, we have decades of experience and an extensive body of knowledge, so let’s use those to develop and improve our magic!

Here is a chance to benefit from David Parr’s experience as a theatrical actor and director, as well as a highly regarded writer, performer, and teacher of magic. David has written and co-written a number of well-received books on the art of magic, a popular series of articles about creativity, and he has produced some bestselling items in the magic marketplace. His winning routine on the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a prime example of David’s approach to magic: clear, direct, engaging, and with a lasting sense of mystery.

Don’t miss this opportunity to combine our creative resources and get solid results. By the end of the Magic Catalyst session, you’ll have David’s best advice and direction, the advice and encouragement of other magicians, and clear, tangible improvements to your magic. There’s only one rule for this workshop: if you attend, you’re expected to participate, so be ready to work and contribute!

 What to bring:

  • An untested or unfinished piece of magic that you’d like to work on
  • A pen or pencil
  • A stack of 3″ x 5″ index cards, usually sold in packs of 100, which will be plenty
  • An open mind and a creative spirit

 What not to bring:

  • A finished, favorite time-tested routine
  • An entire twenty-minute act
  • A closed mind or judgey attitude

During this workshop, it’s okay to mess up and ask for a do-over. It’s okay to read from your printed script. No one is expecting a polished performance. The goal is to take material that is unfinished and, by working together, move it down the path toward becoming a finished piece of magic — to make new discoveries and have fun in the process!

One of the best workshop investments I’ve ever made was the Magic Catalyst workshop by David Parr. David is one of those rare individuals who has a broad spectrum of knowledge not only in the art of magic, but in stagecraft, script writing, theatrical staging and direction. The process he has created will work for any skill level, amateur and professional alike. Bring an open mind and a willingness to share. This is a real opportunity to take your show to the next level and help others do the same!

– Joseph Daniels, The Dark Cabaret

David is an artist. His workshop is a must-attend class for any entertainer, either with decades of experience or just getting into performance. The group will collectively take the diamond-in-the-rough idea you might have, cut it, brush it off and polish it into something that will shine like a star!

– Vince Wilson

David’s workshop is something that the magic world needs: a place where one can take something, without fear of failure, and make it better. When a performer is stuck somewhere, and something just isn’t working, it’s imperative to get outside eyes on the project in order to gain a new perspective, and this workshop delivers that in droves. Easily one of the top five most valuable experiences I’ve had while developing material.

– Christopher Strange

David set an awesome tone of relaxed collaboration for the workshop. He is a very thoughtful facilitator and performer, and that helped everyone. The respectfulness and thoughtfulness at the workshop was truly refreshing. It helped me to feel much more powerful and confident onstage, and I have kept that sense of confidence after I left the conference. I highly recommend this as a super fun and engaging workshop where everyone gets to participate in creating a unique and valuable experience.

– Susan Zeller