Nine awards to be given live online. See who wins this prestigious new award for theatrical magic!

Named after some of the Golden Age Magicians and Mystery Artists of yesteryear: The Honorary Andruzzi Award, The Thurston Award, The Poe Award, The Kellar Award, The Herrmann Award, The Dante Award, The Annemann Award, The Carter Award, and The Blackstone Award.

In the eras of these luminary artists, there was an emphasis on theatricality, originality, and ritual. Titillating spectacle if you will. Many in performance and in Poe’s case – his writing and storytelling. These nine awards will be given annually to those who best represent creativity in magic and performance. Only nine were chosen this year for these exquisite specially designed medallions! Four inch round (10.16 cm) solid metal medallions displayed in a special keepsake box. Each award engraved with the winners name, the year awarded and the historic Mystery Artist spiritually associated with the winner.

Watch for an announcement on the exact date and time very soon!