A little history…

We have been wanting to honor Mystery Artists for some time now. We also knew we did not want to do another contest. The magic contests that exist already are doing a fine job. But we did know we wanted something we could do every year. An award that would honor those who have created true moments of wonder in the most imaginative ways possible. Performers and creators or magic who pushed the limits in magic, mentalism, performance, style, and narrative storytelling. We also wanted to honor the legacy of a great in modern Bizarre Magic – Tony Andruzzi!

Four-inch round (10.16 cm) solid metal medallions displayed in a special keepsake box were constructed by a modern master in magic creation – the enigmatic and mystery Prof BC. Each award engraved with the winners name, the year awarded and the historic Mystery Artist spiritually associated with the winner. On the front was the symbol of ancient magic – Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. Prof BC knew the Mystery Artists of the Golden Age of Magic, often represented with imps, devils, and ghosts in their advertisements, would appreciate this nod to mysticism.

This year, we will give out nine awards. If you, or your favorite Mystery Artist, does not make this year’s awards, just wait – there are enough for ten more years!