We are so exited to for the upcoming conference in Baltimore! Tickets are selling well for the World’s Premier Theatrical Magic Conference! However, we cannot leave this reduced rate up forever. Get tickets now because they are going up very soon to their normal rates.

Also, don’t forget the 2nd Annual Andruzzi Magic Awards will be happening at the conference this August for the first time live! The winners will be announced at the conference! We are very excited to honor the world’s best theatrical storytelling magicians!

The schedule will be up soon. We recommend coming up Thursday night and staying until Monday morning so you do not miss a single thing. Thursday is the traditional walk to Poe’s Grave at 7:00 pm to honor the great poet and creator of modern gothic horror and detective stories. Each day will start at 11:00 am (so you can properly recover from the night before). Each night will end with The Black Cat Lounge hosted by Paul Prater. We are very excited to have this back again this year! Guests will be able to have a drink with their favorite stars of magic in The Lord Baltimore’s secret Speakeasy!

On Saturday night we will have our Ensemble Show featuring magic and mentalism from our speakers and more! This will be hosted in the Lord Baltimore’s gorgeous Versailles Room

The Versailles Ballroom also has a hidden room used in the 1920’s as a speakeasy and will be the greenroom during the day, and the Black Cat Lounge at night.

Additionally, the live music of Eli August and Tillman will be playing throughout the weekend once again. The music of Eli August is akin to the waters of a great river. It’s always moving and pushing forward, whether through percussive guitar and banjo, or the urgency of delicately crafted lyrics; the music never looks back. Eli will have you tapping your foot, singing along and reminiscing of your own long ago journeys. The musical magic of Eli and Tillman is a wonder in itself!

More announcements will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

Reserve your spot and room here: https://poesmagicconference.com/tickets/