Wow! What a line-up! Jeff McBride, Kenton Knepper, Paul Prater, Hiawatha, Meadow Perry, Vince Wilson, Terry Tyson, Vlad, Joseph Daniels, Mark Strivings, Krystal Younglove, Prof BC, and more! This is a weekend that cannot be beaten!

Now for a few updates

For those driving in, there are several parking options.

HERE ARE SOME GREAT SERVICES YOU CAN USE FOR FINDING PARKING IN BALTIMORE: and These sites will help you find affordable parking (some as low as $10) within reasonable walking distance of the hotel. Use the address of the hotel:

20 W Baltimore St​
Baltimore, MD 21201

Flying In

If you are flying in, the Light Rail will take you directly from the airport to the hotel. You will be dropped off a short distance from Lord Baltimore. Leave the train just after the Baltimore Arena. Walk a block and half to Hanover St, but you will see the gorgeous Lord Baltimore Hotel long before that.

An Uber will cost you about $21-$30 from the airport. Lyft is a little more expensive.

VIP and Extras

We will have a more detailed schedule at the conference. Everything will be updated on boards at the two performance areas. To recap, the VIP tickets cover the Ghost Walk on Thursday and the Development Workshop on Friday. The Jeff McBride Super Session is a bonus workshop and is not part of the regular itinerary. Payment for the Super Session will be taken at the door. There will be an included alternative workshop that day as well. The schedule is up on the website for now, but is subject to change up-to-the-minute. Please keep an eye out for schedule changes, which will be listed in designated areas.

The Saturday Ensemble Show and Sunday Awards show are open to everyone who registered. Did you bring your tux? Just kidding! It’s not that kind of awards show. There might be figures cloaked in darkness though.

Scott Wells

Scott Wells of the Magic Word Podcast will be at the conference this weekend! Be prepared to be a guest with Scott this weekend!

A podcast for magicians, about magicians, hosted by a full-time professional magician – Scott Wells! This podcast is totally free for everyone to enjoy. This is provided to you out of love and respect for our art of magic.

See you this weekend!