With heartfelt apologies, we regret to announce that Poe’s Magic Conference, scheduled for August this year, will be moved to March 2024. An exact weekend will be announced by Saturday this week. Our attendance was too low this year to justify moving forward. We believe this to be from Magic Conference Fatigue. No less than six national magic conferences have been scheduled this Summer alone! This has been the consensus with our lectures and performers, and we were very pleased that they all unanimously supported this decision and all plan on attending on the new date.

In an effort to rejuvenate and refresh the event, we are postponing the conference to March 2024. This will provide us an opportunity to thoroughly reassess the event month and attract more magic enthusiasts with the exciting addition of a renowned magician to our speaker lineup (An announcement on this will be made soon). We are optimistic that a shift in timing would not only enable us to avoid conflicts with other events but also attract more attendees.

At Poe’s Magic, we deeply care about our community, and we strive to deliver a magical experience for everyone. We are well aware of the financial strain attending magic conventions can have, and we are actively working on making this event more accessible. We want our conference to be a place of unity and camaraderie, and we are committed to fostering positive relationships within our community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to reveal more about our plans for the refreshed Poe’s Magic Conference in March 2024. Please watch the website for updates this week and moving forward. Reach out to us at info@poesmagicconference.com with any questions on rescheduling conflicts. If you are in town for Baltimore regardless this August, we will have an itinerary available for you very soon, including magic, wonder, and mystery at the Lord Baltimore Hotel!

Thank you,

Poe’s Magic Conference
Baltimore, MD