Upon the somber Ides of March, as the moon casts its pallid light over the forlorn tombs, the world’s most enigmatic coven of magicians shall gather amid the echoing corridors of the historic and haunted Lord Baltimore Hotel, where echoes of the departed mingle with the whispers of Edgar Allan Poe’s eternal rest. Here, amidst the brooding presence of antiquity, shall be convened the most uncanny and sublime convocation of the bizarre ever known to the mortal plane.

Within the venerable walls that have borne witness to a century of whispered secrets, these arcane adepts will congregate where spirits tread and shadows move of their own volition. For three nights, akin to the haunting visitation upon Athenodorus, these seekers of the eldritch truths shall delve into the mysteries that bridge worlds.

Within this realm of spectral elegance and gothic splendor, the ethereal and the corporeal will intertwine. Our learned cabal shall not merely engage with the otherworldly; they shall also cast their divinations upon the mundane, weaving spells of commerce and conjuring prosperity from the ether, marketing their esoteric talents beneath the chandeliers that flicker with ghostly light. As we sharpen our craft with the precision of a phantom’s touch, the Lord Baltimore Hotel shall echo with the arcane whispers of our gathered knowledge, as timeless as the ancient rites we uphold.