Embark on a Mystical Odyssey at Poe’s Magic Conference, unfolding in the Mysterious “Ides of March”!

In the historic heart of Baltimore City, at the grand Lord Baltimore Hotel, a convergence of the mystical and the mysterious awaits. This mid-March, step into Poe’s Magic Conference, an event shrouded in enchantment and inspired by the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe.

As the Ides of March approach, prepare to be enthralled by a captivating array of lectures, workshops, and demonstrations that delve deep into the arcane world of magic. This is a place where reality bends, and the impossible becomes possible.

Be part of a prestigious gathering where the Honorary Andruzzi Awards illuminate the path to magical greatness. Whether you’re a seasoned conjurer or an aspiring illusionist, this conference is a pivotal moment to further your journey in the conjuring arts.

The anticipation builds as we near the unveiling of this year’s schedule. Each day promises to be a tapestry of mystery and wonder, ideally suited to the legacy of Poe himself.

Adding to the aura of intrigue, we proudly announce our special guests: the mesmerizing Christopher Taylor, the haunted John Gilmore, the enigmatic Joseph Daniels, and the Otherworldly Tome Wilson. Their presence guarantees an experience filled with awe and inspiration. We are particularly excited about the return of Christopher Taylor!

Poe’s Magic Conference is not merely an event; it’s a portal to a world where the mystical and the mysterious intertwine. We eagerly await your participation in this extraordinary gathering of illusion and wonder. Prepare to be transformed!