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We are very excited to be returning to Lord Baltimore Hotel for 2022!


Poe's Magic Conference 2022 Early Bird VIP Tickets

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The world's most unique magic conference!
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August 2022

We're back for 2022!

We have announcements soon on this exciting event with a new format, new speakers and performances and so much more!

Additionally, with the VIP tickets, all paid lectures are included! This does not include some workshops. The current price will not last long!

Admission options:

  • Early Bird General Admission - Includes specified lectures and performances as well as access to vendor areas and the Andruzzi Awards.
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We listened! We know that with the world’s still recovering and that making commitments for events like this might be hard, so we are making it a little easier. 

One-Day Pass

If you can only make it for one day, we understand. Show your reservation at the desk to receive your day pass.

Two-Day Pass

If you can only make it for two days, no problem. Show your reservation at the desk to receive your two-day pass.

Two-Payments General Admission

Make two payments of $100 for admission to the conference. You will automatically be billed one additional time 30 days after the first payment.

The Masters of Theatrical Magic!

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